Sunday, 22 February 2009


Good evening. Very brief. Many giant birds to photoshop around chocolatey goods for the American folks. So little time. Many cups of tea. 

Anyway, in a networking frenzy, I've made myself a PAGE on the good old Facebook and would like some fans please lovely people. So if you are in fact a fan, or at least mildly interested, or perhaps you're a bit borderline at the moment and think I'm getting ahead of myself categorising 'Kate Slater Illustration' as a public figure but you just like to add things like this on Facebook THEN... why not go the whole hog and become a fan? It's a bit bare at the moment, but I shall aim to make it most interesting when these birds are done.

Oh oh, (this is getting quite lengthy) I have seen my book cover for Random House with a bar code on and everything! (Most exciting bar code I've ever seen.) I'm not sure if I can post it here, but I shall find out.

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Jamie Littler said...

Hey Kate!
It's good to hear from you! Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it would be awesome if you could make it down to the exhibition, I'm hoping it'll work a treat! haha. Your work's still looking great, it sounds like you've got a lot going on at the moment? I'm still trying to plug away at the whole publicity thing...