Saturday, 25 April 2009

Story Motel Zine Exhibition in Edinburgh

I've been asked to contribute a zine to the Owl and Lion Gallery's exhibition, 'Story Motel'. Being madly busy working on my children's book, my zine somehow became 'The Observer's Guide to Hats of the Wilderness', an eye-witness documentation of the hat-wearing habits of a variety of fauna (including the walrus, pictured left). Featuring five, yes FIVE, double spreads (and a cover) this zine promises to be a brief, yet highly informative read for all ages. 

If you happen to be in Edinburgh between the 14th May - 12th June, look out for this extraordinary treatise on the animal kingdom and other fantastic zines from a whole host of creative folk. 


Em Rawle said...

oh katus slatus! he really is rather fabulous! can't wait to see more! :D

Luke David Waller said...

pretty impressive!