Friday, 10 July 2009

AOI talk at New Designers

OK, I'm actually very nervous and so quite why I am telling anybody about this I do not know. However, on Saturday the 18th July I will be giving a talk with Derek Brazell of the AOI at New Designers. The talk, 'Your Next Step' covers things like pricing and copyright (dull but important) and also things like portfolios and self-promotion (which I find is a combination sending out a billion emails and luck - there you go, that is my contribution to the AOI's vast knowledge). So, if you are a new designer, why not come along and be a friendly face in the crowd?

By the by, I have but five weeks to finish my picture book for Andersen, which seems incredible. It was my final major project at uni, so in some way or other I've been working on it for over 18 months!

And here is a camel. (You can in fact buy this very camel on a card in my shop!)


Tigz said...

wow aren't you a busy bee! good luck with the talk I had the pleasure of meeting Derek a few months back he is a fountain of knowledge! xx

Nate Williams said...

that is fantastic .. you will do awesome ..

adam taylor said...

What an exciting time... a big speech... your children's book is going big (I am way excited for this book ... looks amazing from what I've seen)

Kate Slater said...

Thanks guys! It was actually fine, well, nothing disastrous happened so hooray!