Friday, 14 August 2009

Magpie's Treasure Complete-o!

I have set down my glue and scissors (very briefly!) and actually-finally-really-truly-joyfully handed in the finished artwork for my children's book, 'Magpie's Treasure'! Marvellous and incredibly surreal and mind bogglinglinging.

My childhood ambitions were:
age 3 - be strong enough to lift a fire engine with one finger
age 5 - clean other people's baths
age 7 - write and illustrate children's books.

Thank goodness I opted for the latter.


sally illustration said...

woop woop! you could clean our bath if you like; did you notice the mushroom?! lol. magnus is the best!x x


congratulations kate, thats amazing, you have to let me know when its coming out, i'll be in the queue for a signed copy.

Kate Slater said...

Hey, I already DO clean our bath (with bleach and a toothbrush!), but I'll forgive you Sally-darling, because Magnus is certainly the best.

Thanks Matt, I'll do a swap for a signed copy of yours! Hope it's going well!

Maeve said...

Hooray! That looks like a treasure trove of collagey, painty goodness! I found you through Julia Pott's blog.

Here's mine:

well done again!