Friday, 23 October 2009

Cornershop - Free Love

Roll up, roll up! Here's the video for Cornershop's latest single, Free Love. In the summer I created a moving, foil, cut-out city for Chris Hemming at Passion Pictures to use in the video and it's great to see it featured so much throughout! I love working with Passion because it's a bit different to my usual fare and also a challenge (a foil city made from eight independently moving, tiered rings for stop-motion)! I should hopefully have some proper stills to put up on my website soon, but you can take a look at the video here!


Tigz said...

wow that's awesome!! congrats on your music video :)

Marie Remy said...

Hello from the Cornershop office, we love your foil city, can send you some stills if you like, email Vid now on Youtub:
Best wishes
Marie on behalf of Cornershop

Kate Slater said...

Thanks Marie! Glad you like it. Chris Hemming has sent me some stills now so I'm sorted, but thank you very much! x