Friday, 6 November 2009

Website Updated with 'Magpie's Treasure'

I've just updated my website with some of the artwork from 'Magpie's Treasure' (my-first-children's-book-published-by-Andersen-Press-in-June-don't-you-know), so you can now have a sneak preview here! I've also added some of the stills from 'Free Love', peruse at your leisure.


Lisa Evans said...

The spreads are wonderful. I love the magpie, the colours in his tail are gorgeous. I love the ballet shoe illustration too :) Is the book out yet?

Kate Slater said...

Thanks Lisa! It's not out til June, I'm getting a bit excited and ahead of myself! Is the Snow Princess out yet? I can't wait to see it, your illustrations look so beautiful.