Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Here amid the chaos of my desk is a kestrel, one of the birds (so far I have... three) that I've been working on for the afore-mentioned YSP window display. My whole studio is as messy as this photo, which means I must have had a productive few days in Staffordshire! When I become really engrossed in collage I feel like I'm seven again, plastering tissue paper with PVA or using wallpaper paste and newspaper to make another papier mache extravaganza. That is until I realise my fingers are attached to my desk by stringy webs of craft glue with fragments of paper caught in them like flies, and I'm in danger of balding myself with over-enthusiastic use of the scissors.

Today I'm drawing rather than sticking, as I'm back in London briefly for a meeting tomorrow which I'm really looking forward too. All these jaunts from London to the Midlands and back are making me feel like a real commuter, although while the business folk tap away on their lap-tops I find myself appraising their paper take-away bags for collage potential. I'm really enjoying spending more time on the farm anyway, especially as when I walk out of my studio I can see this:
and this:

On the other hand, I think I'll go to the V&A tomorrow afternoon, London definitely has its advantages!


Red Fish Circle said...

What a beautiful view!

pbcbstudios said...

beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

These are really nice!