Thursday, 25 March 2010

Red-Legged Partridge (for Felicity)

I will try and post something other than birds soon, but for now, here is my latest feathered creation, the Red-Legged Partridge Alectoris Rufa. Not to be confused with the Partridge Perdix Perdix, mainly because I like these ones better. My sister once spotted one strutting along, puffed-out and red-eyed in our garden and the photograph she took makes me laugh every time I see it. She requested a partridge next, so here it is ready for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in July! Any other suggestions? I've made 17 out of 50ish birds so far so a few spaces to fill!


sally illustration said...

please could you do me an Owl? or an eagle please? one or t'other,

lovely birds slate

x x x

Jane Walker said...

I asked my daughter and immediately she said "a robin" . Not a bad idea actually..

I was going to say Hoopoe - I think a Hoopoe would be right up your street! Do you know it - A sort of wacky looking ground-pecker with a mohican haircut!!

Tina Webster Illustration said...

Can I have a pheasant? A male one please?

Kate Slater said...

Haha I've already done an Owl and a Robin, and Eagle and Pheasant are definitely on the list! You all have very good taste in birds :)

adam taylor said...

A blue red bellied woodpecker would be great. I saw one the other day and the colors were beautiful.

Kate Slater said...

Adam - Is that the one with the red head and black and white wings? I have a green woodpecker, but then you really can't have to many woodpeckers, can you?

Jane - I didn't see the bit about the Hoopoe, I must be going blind) THEY ARE AMAZING! I am definitely doing a Hoopoe.