Thursday, 12 August 2010

Cornershop - Free Love

This is from quite a while ago and know I've blogged about it many times before but I've just discovered how to embed videos into my blog! At least I think I have, the proof of the pudding is in watching the pudding and so on. 

So here goes. The music video for Cornershop's 'Free Love', featuring my foil city extravaganza, directed by Chris Hemming of Passion Pictures.


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

SO pleased I passed by this afternoon...I've never seen this post.
have a great evening...

lisa stubbs said...

way hey you did it! I went to the YSP the other day and saw all your wonderful birds in the window, we loved them, and the kids tried to name them all! the magpie and blue tit were our faves! fabulous display :)

Kate Slater said...

Thanks Char, I made it last summer, seems ages ago now!

I'm glad you all liked it, Lisa! Wow, name them all? That's quite a feat, I'm not even sure how many there are any more!