Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Book Barge is Coming!

...In all likelyhood to a canal near you. If you happen to live in England that is. Usually to be found moored in Barton Marina, Staffordshire, this wonderful, water-borne bookshop will be touring the country from May til November:

"We're going on something of a summer jolly taking in as much of the country as we can, spreading the good word(s) of independent bookselling and burning Kindles village by village. There will be pyres on the towpath and the celebratory pealing of church bells."

Read more about it here and follow their Facebook page and Twitter to stay in the know about the boat's whereabouts and events along the way. There's also a handy Book Barge @ Large page with further info.

I'll be joining The Book Barge in London and hopefully a couple of other destinations for Magpie's Treasure events galore!

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