Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Apple and the Egg Mini Doc

Last July Nikalas Catlow of The Apple and the Egg filmed me putting up my window display at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and then visited my studio in Staffordshire to interview me. Well, here is the mini-doc to prove it! I love the bits at YSP and can only say I'm spectacularly impressed to discover that Nikalas has managed to edit my almost unintelligible waffle into something resembling sentences...

I'm sorry for the profusion of ums, ahs and trailing off into silence for no apparent reason. Perhaps skip the bits where I'm speaking and marvel at the amazing time-lapse of the window (as close to an Art Attack as I am ever going to get)?

Note to self: no amount of arm waving can ever be a substitute for actual words.

If you would like to, you can watch the video here!

Thank you, Nikalas, for all your hard work!


Bryony said...

Really interesting, Kate! :)

I want to have the birds hanging up around my whole house!

Kate Slater said...

Thanks Bryony!

I would love to hang birds all round a house. I imagine streets filled with hangings, or trees full of them.