Sunday, 18 September 2011

FANFARE! The book is finished!

I have finally (last week actually, but I've been in recovery for a few days!) finished illustrating a book called ABC London for Frances Lincoln, it is (surprise, surprise!) an A to Z of London. I'm really pleased with the illustrations and it's been a great challenge, many more people and buildings than usual, but I can't wait to begin my new projects! The book will be published next year, so for now here is a small snippet.

You can now find my brooches, decorations, cards and prints in Vertiline in Love, a boutique selling all things handmade in The Nicols Building, a beautiful old warehouse in Sheffield. If you have a look at their Facebook page you can find some lovely photos showing the wonders to be found inside the building and you can also follow them on Twitter.

I've actually just adjusted the prices for my bird brooches in my Etsy shop, they're now divided into 4 different price bands based on size and intricacy. Some have actually gone down a couple of pounds, so do take a look!

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