Saturday, 28 April 2012

A tremendously exciting advance copy of... ABC LONDON!


I actually did a forward roll of excitement when I first had an email about this book from Frances Lincoln (this was back in the days when I lived and worked in my carpeted London bedroom). I spent last summer embroiled in a paper London, lack of sleep driving me to do ridiculous things like gilding the tops of the fence at Buckingham Palace with tiny fragments of first class stamp, not pausing to realise that it will be utterly impossible to discern the queen's minute gold eye peering out from the railings.

It is WONDERFUL to see the finished book.

Here's a sneak preview of P and Q, I'll post more of the illustrations when the book is published on 7th June!

ABC London will be available in all good bookshops, especially The Book Barge, where I'll be signing books on Saturday 9th June from 2-4pm at Barton Marina, Staffordshire.

More news about other book signings, especially one in London on Sunday 10th June, coming soon!

It's also had a nice mention in the Bookseller:

This unusual alphabet picture book really caught my eye. Celebrating London's unique, diverse culture with entries like "B for Brick Lane", it's got a contemporary feel and lots of gift book potential.
- Bookseller

 Hope you're having a super weekend!


Laura said...

looks beautiful!

Francesca Muir said...

How beautiful - I am convinced one is never too old for picture books - so I will definitely be waiting for this in the shops in Sydney. Congratulations. Very exciting. Francesca

Kate Slater said...

Thank you both! I'm not sure if it will be in the shops in Sydney, Francesca - because it's just about London it isn't being co-editioned with any other publishers abroad. I expect you'll be able to get it online though? :)