Thursday, 7 June 2012

Exhibition at the Jam Factory, Oxford

I'm exhibiting at the Jam Factory in Oxford this summer! From the 25th July - 20th August, it will be my very first solo show which is exciting and also slightly/very nerve-wracking! I'll be showing an assortment of work old and new. I've put a bear on the poster, so it's safe to say there will probably be some bears in there somewhere, along with the usual birds, artwork from Magpie's Treasure and ABC London and lots of new things that are currently under construction!

The Jam Factory is a really lovely place, a restaurant/bar/gallery and they have lots of workshops and classes too! I've also discovered that the tremendously talented Julia Pott will be exhibiting there at the same time (7th August - 9th September), which makes two (more) reasons to visit beautiful Oxford this summer.


Ruth said...

Oh, how I would love to see that, Kate! I hope you'll share some pictures of the exhibition space!

Gulcin said...

Congratulations! Poster is cool and I can't imagine the exhibition itself!

Kate Slater said...

Thank you! Yes, I'll definitely take lots of photos!